One minute moisture content

Poor moisture measurements are bleeding your company’s bottom line. Meet Aqualab 3 – the fastest way to stem the flow.

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Total moisture analysis

Mastering moisture and loss on drying is key to food manufacturing success. Poor moisture measurements profoundly impact company revenue potential. Introducing AQUALAB 3, a better option for precision moisture measurement in a fraction of the time.

AQUALAB 3 moisture analyzer with tablet

Beat loss on drying

Most fast moisture content measurements are sloppy. The AQUALAB 3 Total Moisture Analyzer is a unique hardware + software system with 10 times the precision of the average moisture balance. Precise, reliable moisture content readings allow you to run with tighter moisture specs—even when volatile compounds are involved. Improve yields without having to build in big safety margins.

One minute readings

Non-destructive test

10x precision

Volatile analysis

Routine moisture determination

A moisture analyzer is often also called a moisture balance or moisture meter. Most operate with a heating element and a balance. AQUALAB 3 is different. Put a sample in a cup, slide it into the instrument, and turn the dial. 60 seconds later, get a moisture content measurement with 10 x the precision of a moisture balance. It measures moisture without heating or changing the sample at all.


Designed for precision moisture content measurements in liquid, paste and solid material, AQUALAB 3 optimizes total moisture analysis. It's rapid, reliable, and repeatable for fast reactions and better process control.

Two AQUALAB 3's moisture analyzers stacked on top of each other

The AQUALAB 3 Total Moisture Analyzer is fully stackable with a small footprint. Space saving is important in production and in-process control of many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, plastics and food.

AQUALAB 3's ruggedized tablet screen and software used for taking moisture content readings.

Working has never been so easy in routine operations. Get the information you need in one glance with AQUALAB 3’s ruggedized tablet interface solution.

Double your insight

Simple moisture content measurements leave out half the information. The AQUALAB 3 Total Moisture Analyzer gives you the complete moisture picture. Confidently adjust the moisture content of your product while maintaining complete visibility on the impact to safety and quality.

Focus on improvement, not operation

Intuitive operation with step-by-step user guidance to avoid errors in routine operation. AQUALAB 3 gives lab techs guidance and enhances their understanding so they can work confidently. Directors can tackle bigger issues and use their expertise at scale instead of treading water in uncertainty. Owners can enjoy peace of mind, because everything is running according to plan. Elevate your whole operation through dependable and accurate moisture results from AQUALAB 3.

Data access everywhere

Real-time at your
finger tips

AQUALAB 3 is available on the Apple App Store.
A SKALA account is needed to use the app.


Focus on improvement, not operation

Stop asking what your moisture analyzer costs and start asking what conventional moisture methods are costing you.

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Technical specifications

Measurement Specifications

Moisture Content
  • % MD
Water Activity
  • Sensor type: Chilled mirror dew point
  • Range: 0.030–1.000 aw
  • Resolution: 0.001 aw
  • Accuracy: ±0.005 aw
  • Repeatability: 0.002 aw
  • Controlled at constant 25 °C
  • Resolution: 0.1 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C
Read Time
  • 1 min
Operating environment
  • 0% - 90% noncondensing
Operating temperature
  • 15-35 °C